Many TIAA beneficiaries have asked us how they can get their retirement savings out of TIAA and move them to a more responsible provider. TIAA-Divest!’s strategy is to encourage beneficiaries like you to pressure TIAA to change their behavior. As a TIAA participant, your voice at TIAA is much louder than it would be if you severed your relationship.

But, we understand that there are times when as a participant, you may feel that you have no choice but to move your savings and to personally divest from climate destruction. To answer that need, we asked Kathy Hipple, one of our allies at Bard College to write a guide to personal divestment.

If you do decide to implement a personal divestment strategy, please let us know! And more importantly, let TIAA know why you’ve decided to stop trusting them to act responsibly with your money.

Click here to download your copy of TIAA: A Fossil Fuel Divestor’s Guide A Personal primer to getting your retirement funds out of TIAA.