LANDMARK: The powerful American Federation of Teachers, with 1.7 million workers, has voted to call on TIAA, the nearly $1.4 trillion retirement fund manager, to DIVEST from fossil fuels. Bill McKibben said of the AFT – American Federation of Teachers vote: “This is a huge step. In one of the hottest weeks ever measured on planet earth, educators are seizing a teachable moment to say: stop investing in climate chaos, and instead build the kind of world we want our students to grow old in!”

The July 16th vote was thunderous as 3000 AFT representatives shouted “Aye!” on behalf of their 1.7 million members, in an extremely unusual move for a major national U.S. labor union. The resolution calls for immediate fossil fuel divestment, and reinvestment in solar, wind and other sustainable industries which will create more jobs and support workers, healthy communities, and human survival, given the existential threat posed by the climate emergency. Read full press release.

TIAA-Divest! is committed to stopping retirement giant TIAA (Teacher Insurance Annuity Association)  from financing climate destruction.

 TIAA manages $1.3 trillion in assets and is one of the largest owners of farmland and timberland on the planet. Its clients are mostly universities and non-profits, and it brands itself as a socially responsible company. But TIAA is in fact investing billions of dollars in oil, coal and fracked gas. It also manages substantial investments in large-scale, high-emission agriculture and timber plantations, which have been especially damaging to Black farmers, communities of color and Indigenous Peoples.

We Demand that TIAA stop financing climate destruction!

TIAA (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association) offers educators, arts workers, scholars and others financial security at retirement. But they do it through investing in companies fueling environmental destruction.

In a time where fossil fuel investments are rapidly becoming stranded assets, and renewable energy solutions are recognized as our energy future, this is unacceptable. It’s up to you to demand that TIAA divest from fossil fuels and implement a no deforestation investment policy.

Campus Resolutions Calling On TIAA to Divest from Climate Destruction

TIAA-Divest works to empower educators, staff and students to organize and demand that TIAA stop financing fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure, deforestation and land grabs.

The following institutions have passed resolutions demanding that retirement savings not be used to finance these unethical and irresponsible activities:

TIAA-financed fracked gas power plant opens in New York

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TIAA’s devastating impact on climate

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Resolutions Demanding TIAA Divestment To Date:

Why Divestment? Watch this 3 minute explainer.

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