Reaching out to people you know about the TIAA-DIVEST! Campaign is one of the best ways you can contribute to the success of the campaign.

We are asking all of the supporters of the campaign to become a “HUB.” That is, that you reach out to at least 3 or even better, 5 -10 people you know, to tell them about the campaign. The primary request you are making is for them to fill out the Sign Up form, so they can stay up to date with what is happening, and hopefully get more involved.  

These are the steps of becoming a HUB:

  1. Choose a minimum of 3, but even better, 5 or 10 people who you think would want to know about this campaign and would possibly join and support it.
  1. To write your initial email, think about why you support the campaign and believe it’s important.  For example:
  • The most powerful thing you can do to stop climate change is to cut fossil fuel emissions, and TIAA’s divestment from fossil fuels will have a direct impact.  
  • As an investor in TIAA I have more leverage, and working together we can have a significant impact on a financial institution valued at more than $1 Trillion. 
  • The existential crisis of climate change is the greatest challenge of our time and I want to take action wherever I can to make a difference. Join me!
  1. Send a message to the people you’ve identified using your own email or adapt the sample below.  If you are sending a group email, it is better to use the Bcc function because some people don’t want their email shared. 

An effective email will address:

  • Why do you support this campaign (see sample bullets above).
  • Ask them to join the campaign and fill out the sign up form.
  • Ask them to sign the petition.
  • Ask them to email you to let you know what they think about the campaign and if they sign up.

Here is a sample email that you can adapt:

Dear Colleague,

I am reaching out to you about the TIAA-DIVEST! Campaign because I am outraged that TIAA is using my retirement savings to invest in companies that support fossil fuel, fracking, deforestation and land grabs, all adding fuel to the fire of climate chaos. At the same time, I know we have the power to come together and demand TIAA divest from these industries. In so doing, they can opt instead to invest in a sustainable future without the funds losing a dime.  This is why I support the campaign and hope you will too.

Please sign Up for the TIAA-DIVEST Campaign.  You will receive newsletters highlighting campaign successes and actions you can take.  The first action t is to sign our petition. TIAA has told us that their clients and the public are happy with their investments. Let’s make sure they hear otherwise:  Tell TIAA to Divest from Fossil Fuels and #StopLandGrabs.

Please let me know if you’re interested and if you have signed up!  I look forward to hearing about your ideas for the campaign and people you know who might want to join..

Talk soon,

Congratulations!  You’ve taken the first step to become a HUB!  Please keep a list of who you have emailed and how they responded. If they didn’t sign up but seem interested, every time you get a TIAA-DIVEST Newsletter you can forward it and encourage them to read it and take action.  

As more and more colleagues agree to support TIAA-DIVEST, you can arrange to meet with your HUB to talk about actions you can take at your workplace.  In January, we’ll have another meeting, and look forward to hearing about your experience and the next steps we can take together.

THANKS so very much for your support.  Given the complexity of the climate crisis, stopping companies from releasing more fossil fuels into the atmosphere is a critical way to have a real impact.  Let’s get this done together!

Please share your experience or send any questions you have to

Onward together!!