Formal complaint against PRI signatory Nuveen

Trillion-dollar pension fund TIAA faces climate-washing complaint brought by hundreds of professors and scientists

New York, NY — More than 300 clients of the $1.2 trillion retirement giant TIAA filed a formal complaint today with the UN-sponsored Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative, alleging TIAA’s substantial investments in fossil fuels and deforestation violate TIAA’s climate pledges and commitment to the six Principles for Responsible Investment.

TIAA participants, including the academics Bill McKibben, Michael Mann, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Dipesh Chakrabaty, and Judith Butler, are filing the complaint to highlight TIAA’s investments in the drivers of climate change, including at least $78 billion in fossil fuels, $9.1 billion of which are coal industry bonds. Such investments escalate the climate emergency while violating the commitments TIAA made to PRI through its subsidiary and asset manager, Nuveen. TIAA also invests heavily in timber and industrial agriculture linked to deforestation and illegality. Deforestation is second to fossil fuels as a driver of climate change. The complainants call on the PRI to investigate and address TIAA’s “irresponsible investments and systematic greenwashing practices.”

Bill McKibben, author, climate expert, Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College, and TIAA client, commented: “Most of the people that this giant fund serves are teachers, members of a profession that takes intellectual honesty — and the future — seriously. Time for TIAA to do the same.”

The complainants argue that TIAA’s refusal to consider fossil fuel divestment violates its fiduciary duty because burning fossil fuels ignores the interests of its clients and harms their long-term financial well-being.

TIAA is one of the world’s largest holders of bonds across the coal value chain — ranking 4th globally — including holding over $91 million in bonds of the conglomerate Adani that owns the controversial Carmichael coal mine in Australia. TIAA/Nuveen also invests in fossil fuel companies, including Chevron, Exxon, Enbridge, TotalEnergies (building the contested East African Crude Oil Pipeline).

“When TIAA invests teachers’ money in catastrophic fossil fuels and land grabs, they fundamentally undermine the work we do to prepare students for rich, fulfilling lives,” commented Caroline Levine, Cornell University professor, and TIAA-Divest! team member.

The complainants, with the support of TIAA-Divest!, call on TIAA to establish a moratorium on new fossil fuel investments, including both shares and bonds; to divest its existing fossil fuel investments by 2025 in line with a 1.5°C pathway; and to stop land grabs leading to deforestation and human rights harms, in order to make good on the specific commitments it has made as a PRI signatory.

If TIAA/Nuveen refuses to come into compliance, the complainants are asking PRI to expel Nuveen from the PRI initiative.

Read more about the complaint, complainants, and PRI.

Additional Voices of Support

Hana Heineken, Senior Attorney at the Center for International Environmental Law

“TIAA and the responsible investment community risk undermining their credibility if they fail to rapidly transition their investments away from fossil fuels and other high-emitting sectors. There is no more time for greenwashing, and they have a fiduciary duty to act with urgency.”

Amy Gray, Senior Climate Finance Strategist at and coordinator of the Climate Safe Pensions Network

“Our planet cannot afford any more stalling tactics from TIAA. Divestment from fossil fuel companies is an investment in our future. Frontline communities won’t wait for big banks, investors, and asset managers to appease fossil fuel corporations while our homes burn and flood, while our bodies are polluted, and while our children’s futures are destroyed for profit. TIAA/Nuveen must heed the writing on the wall, set the standard for the industry, and stop fossil fuel financing now.”

Coedie McAvoy — Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodian

“We, as Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodians, condemn TIAA for investing in Adani while Adani builds its Carmichael coal mine on our ancestral lands without our consent. TIAA’s funding of Adani makes it complicit in Adani’s ongoing violation of our human rights.”

Maria Luisa Mendonça, Network for Social Justice and Human Rights

“TIAA’s role in financial speculation on farmland promotes land grabbing and human rights violations against Indigenous people and small farmers. TIAA promotes the expansion of commodity plantations by agribusiness, which increases deforestation in the Brazilian Cerrado — the most biodiverse savanna in the world. TIAA’s clients and the general public need to denounce this destructive agribusiness system. We need to support land rights of local communities and ecological food production to deal with the global climate crisis.”

David M. Hughes, a Rutgers University professor and member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Climate Justice Task Force

“In July, the 1.7-million-member American Federation of Teachers voted – with an overwhelming majority – to urge TIAA to divest from fossil fuels. We represent 300,000 TIAA clients: higher ed teachers, scholars, and academic professionals. We intend to leave a livable planet for our students, our children, and our grandchildren. If it is to do good in the world, TIAA must take our money – it is OUR money – out of Big Oil permanently.”

Eric Godoy, Ethics Professor, Illinois State University

“We know that fossil fuels are driving climate change, yet TIAA invests our money in these industries. This means our financial security is being generated at the expense of a livable climate. That’s not right.”

Pouné Saberi, MD, MPH, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physician, Physicians for Social Responsibility — Pennsylvania

“My medical career and retirement account with TIAA began at the same time. While as doctors, we have been trying to protect the health of people, TIAA has continued its health-harming practices in the form of investments in fossil fuels. It is time for TIAA to align its mission of financial security for health professionals with the promotion of a clean and safe energy future for us. It is time for TIAA to divest from fossil fuels.”

The complaint is filed by the following 302 signatories.

Of these, 299 are confirmed TIAA participants, 2 are likely TIAA clients (*), 1 is a frontline activist fighting TIAA landgrabs in Brazil (**)  

 Bill McKibbenSchumann Distinguished ScholarMiddlebury College
 Judith ButlerDistinguished Professor in the Graduate SchoolUniv of California at Berkeley
 *Noam ChomskyProfessorU of Arizona
 Robert Warren HowarthDavid R. Atkinson Professor of Ecology & Environmental BiologyCornell University
 Michael MannDistinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of Earth System Science CenterPenn State University
 Nathan Glen PhillipsProfessor, Department of Earth and EnvironmentBoston University
 *Amitav Ghoshwriter 
 Rob NixonBarron Family Professor of Environment and HumanitiesPrinceton University
 Rachel Bezner KerrProfessorCornell University
 M. Jahi ChappellWK Kellogg Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor, Community SustainabilityMichigan State University
 Ruth Wilson GilmoreProfessor and DirectorCenter for Place, Culture, and Politics, CUNY
 **Maria Luisa MendonçaCo-DirectorBrazilian Network for Social Justice and Human Rights
 Edward HallNorman E. Vuilleumier Professor of PhilosophyHarvard University
 Melissa LaneClass of 1943 Professor of PoliticsPrinceton University
 Paul Keoki Saint-AmourWalter H. and Leonore C. Annenberg Professor in the HumanitiesUniversity of Pennsylvania
 Martin PuchnerByron and Anita Wien Professor of Drama and of English and Comparative LiteratureHarvard University
 Yael NivProfessor of Psychology and NeurosciencePrinceton University
 Jonathan KramnickMaynard Mack Professor of EnglishYale University
 Jonathan CullerClass of 1916 Professor of English and Comparative Literature, EmeritusCornell University
 Blakey VermeuleAlbert Guérard Professor of LiteratureStanford University
 Dipesh ChakrabartyProfessorThe University of Chicago
 Akeel BilgramiSidney Morgenbesser Professor of PhilosophyColumbia University
 Christopher KennedyWilliam H. Colvin Professor of LinguisticsUniversity of Chicago
 Helena Maria ViramontesDistinguished Professor of Arts and Science in EnglishCornell University
 Susan SugarmanProfessor of PsychologyPrinceton University
 Sheldon PollockArvind Raghunathan Professor Emeritus of South Asian StudiesColumbia University
 Karen EmmerichAssociate Professor of Comparative LiteraturePrinceton University
 Eric HayotDistinguished Professor of Comparative Literature and Asian StudiesPenn State
 Pedro Meira MonteiroArthur W. Marks ’19 Professor of Spanish and PortuguesePrinceton University
 Irene SmallAssoc. ProfessorPrinceton University
 Susan StewartAvalon Foundation University Professor in the HumanitiesPrinceton University
 Samuel MoynChancellor Kent Professor of Law and HistoryYale University
 Pouné SaberiOccupational and Environmental Medicine Physicianformerly of Hospital of U of Pennsylvania
 Ruha BenjaminProfessor of African American StudiesPrinceton University
 Bret GustafsonProfessor of AnthropologyWashington University in St Louis
 Kenneth HammondStaff Research PhysicistPrinceton Plasma Physics Laboratory
 Haun SaussyUniversity ProfessorUniversity of Chicago
 Anthony GraftonProfessor of HistoryPrinceton University
 Jordan Alexander SteinProfessor of English and Comparative LiteratureFordham University
 Elizabeth FreemanProfessor of EnglishUniversity of California, Davis
 Priya JoshiProfessor, EnglishTemple University
 Nathaniel FarrellLecturerWashington University in St. Louis
 Sidney ChalhoubProfessor of History and of African and African American StudiesHarvard University
 Molly AndersonWilliam R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Food StudiesMiddlebury College
 David WarrenLecturerWashington University in St. Louis
 Shefali ChandraAssociate ProfessorWashington University in St. Louis
 Mark BeissingerProfessorPrinceton University
 Elliott LiebProfessor emeritusPrinceton university
 Barbara N. NagelAssociate Professor of GermanPrinceton University
 Nicole LegnaniAssistant professor in Spanish and PortuguesePrinceton University
 Susana DraperAssociate ProfessorPrinceton
 Jacqueline GoodmanProfessor Emeritus of SociologyState University of New York, Potsdam College
 Amanda ClaybaughZemurray Stone Radcliffe Professor of EnglishHarvard University
 Siobhan SenierProfessor and Chair, Women’s and Gender StudiesUniversity of New Hampshire
 Denis HirschfeldtProfessor of MathematicsUniversity of Chicago
 Timothy MitchellProfessorColumbia University
 Heather BergAssistant Professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesWashington University
 Samantha ChristiansenAssociate Professor of HistoryUniversity of Colorado
 Ulug KuzuogluAssistant ProfessorWashington University in St. Louis
 Zahid ChaudharyAssociate ProfessorPrinceton U
 Judith WeisenfeldProfessor of ReligionPrinceton University
 M Jennifer ChandlerDirector of OperationsElders Climate Action
 Elaine HadleyProfessor English Language and LiteratureUniversity of Chicago
 Peter LevineProfessorTufts University
 Meredith MartinAssociate Professor, Department of EnglishPrinceton University
 Bruce RobbinsOld Dominion Foundation Professor in the HumanitiesColumbia University
 Joseph McLaughlinAssociate Professor, English, President, OU-AAUPOhio University
 Juliet ShieldsProfessor of EnglishUniversity of Washington
 Craig J. SaperProfessor and Director of Language, Literacy, and Culture Doctoral ProgramUniversity of Maryland-Baltimore County
 Deanna KreiselAssociate Professor of EnglishUniversity of Mississippi
 Allen MacDuffieAssociate Professor, English DepartmentUniversity of Texas at Austin
 Jennifer HillAssociate Professor of EnglishUniversity of Nevada, Reno
 Marianne KrasnyProfessor, Department of Natural Resources and the EnvironmentCornell University
 Caroline LevineDavid and Kathleen Ryan Professor of the HumanitiesCornell University
 Cristin EllisAssociate Professor of EnglishUniversity of Mississippi
 Nancy JacobsonRetired facultyIthaca College
 Eve Aschheimformer Lecturer in ArtPrinceton University
 Jessie ReederAssociate Professor of EnglishBinghamton University
 Naomi GreyserAssociate Professor of American Studies, English and Gender, Women’s & Sexuality StudiesUniversity of Iowa
 Meena Rani KhandelwalAssociate Professor of GWSS and AnthropologyUniversity of Iowa
 Richard MenkeProfessor of EnglishUniversity of Georgia
 Rena LedermanProfessor of AnthropologyPrinceton University
 Tyler BradwayAssociate Professor of EnglishSUNY Cortland
 Yali AmitProfessorUniversity of Chicago
 Charles BazermanDistinguished Professor Emeritus, Education DepartmentUniversity of California Santa Barbara
 David LuddenProfessor of History NYU, Emeritus Professor of History, University of PennsylvaniaNYU
 Katarzyna BartoszynskaAssistant Professor, Literatures in English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesIthaca College
 Coran KlaverAssociate Professor and Chair, Department of EnglishSyracuse University
 Leslie WhartonRetiredretired
 Daniel A. SegalThe Jean M. Pitzer Professor of Anthropology and the Professor of HistoryPitzer College
 Elisha CohnAssociate ProfessorCornell University
 Rachel AblowProfessorUniversity at Buffalo, SUNY
 Jennifer SpitzerAssociate Professor of Literatures in EnglishIthaca College
 Alberto Bruzos MoroUniversity Lecturer / Director Spanish Language ProgramPrinceton University
 Neal PatwariProfessorIndependent
 Gloria & David MogTeacherSidwell Friends School
 Rachel PriceAssociate ProfessorPrinceton University
 Paul LachapelleProfessor, Department of Political ScienceMontana State University
 Anne BergAssistant Professor of HistoryUniversity of Pennsylvania
 Gage McWeenyProfessor of EnglishWilliams College
 Ranjodh Singh DhaliwalRuth and Paul Idzik Collegiate Chair of Digital Scholarship; Assistant Professor of English and Film, Television, and TheatreUniversity of Notre Dame
 Justin SteinbergProfessor of PhilosophyCUNY Graduate Center and Brooklyn College
 Sara WarnerDirector, LGBT StudiesCornell University
 Scott PetersProfessorCornell University
 Hector M. HoyosProfessor and Director, Iberian and Latin American Cultures Professor,Stanford University
 David Palumbo-LiuLouise Hewlett Nixon ProfessorStanford University
 Beulah Levineretired teacherSyracuse University
 Tanya AgathocleousProfessorHunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
 Brian ObachProfessor of SociologySUNY New Paltz
 Laura MorconeDirector of TechnologySUNY New Paltz
 Miles Wilklow-MarnellAssistant Professorof ChemistrySUNY New Paltz
 Daniel LipsonAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Madeline VeitchAssociate LibrarianSUNY New Paltz
 Amy M. KingProfessor of English and Director of Graduate StudiesSt. John’s University
 Melissa Yang RockAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Swati BirlaLecturer, Department of SociologySUNY- New Paltz
 Chris WhitakerAdvisorSUNY New Paltz
 Allen MeyerDoctorprivate practice
 Nancy SchniedewindProfessor EmeritaSUNY New Paltz
 Gregory BynumAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Stephen PampinellaAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Lynn TomlinsonAssociate Professor, Electronic Media and FilmTowson University
 Anne Balant CampbellAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Jill GalvanAssociate ProfessorOhio State
 Talia SchafferProfessor of EnglishGraduate Center, CUNY and Queens College, CUNY
 Jessica FisherAssociate Professor of EnglishWilliams College
 Elizabeth BrothertonProfessor EmeritaSUNY New Paltz
 Douglas HertzlerSenior Policy AnalystActionAid USA
 Heather WilliamsProfessor of PoliticsPomona College
 Nancy NeimanProfessor of PoliticsScripps College
 Dominic BoyerProfessor of AnthropologyRice University
 Kenneth PomeranzUniversity Professor in History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the CollegeUniversity of Chicago
 Will BarndtAssociate Professor of Politial StudiesPitzer College
 Andrew RossProfessor of Social and Cultural Analysis, NYUNYU
 Nicholas DirksProfessor of History in the Graduate SchoolUniversity of California, Berkeley
 Aviva Orenstein Karen Lake Buttrey and Donald W. Buttrey Professor of LawIndiana University
 Cynthia FranklinProfessor of EnglishUniv. of Hawai’i
 James EngellProfessor of EnglishHarvard University
 Joyce ChaplinJames Duncan Phillips Professor of Early American HistoryHarvard University
 Susan PhillipsDirector Robert Redford ConservamcyPitzer College
 Benjamin KahanRobert Penn Warren Professor of English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesLouisiana State University
 Megan FergusonAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Angela L MillerProfessor of Art History and ArcheologyWashington University
 Nancy RomerProfessor EmeritaBrooklyn College, CUNY
 Barbara WinslowEmerita Professor Brooklyn College CUNYBrooklyn College
 Eileen MoranRetireePSC-CUNY
 Dr. Carol MontgomeryProfessor Emerita, LaGuardia Community CollegeCity University of New York
 Rachel YouensAssistant Adjunct ProfessorThe New School
 Joyce Solomon MoormanProfessor EmeritaBorough of Manhattan Community College
 Tina WassermanSenior LecturerTufts University
 Mary SawyerEmeritus Professor, Dept Teaching & LearningState Univ of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz
 Mark GoldbergAssociate Professor EmeritusHunter College – CUNY
 Lizette ColónLecturer /CounselorHostos CC/CUNY
 Adam Koranyidistinguished professor, retiredLehman College of  CUNY
 Fazia AitelAssociate ProfessorClaremont McKenna College
 Anthony GronowiczAdjunct Full Professor History and Political Science CUNYBorough of Manhattan Community College
 Jedediah BrodieCraighead Chair of ConservationUniversity of Montana
 Kathleen DowleyAssociate Professor and Chair Political ScienceSUNY New Paltz
 Kate McCulloughAssociate Professor of English and FGSSCornell University
 Pauline Turner StrongProfessor of AnthropologyUniversity of Texas at Austin
 Kristine NewhallAssociate ProfessorSUNY Cortland
 Amanda LagjiAssistant Professor of English and World LiteraturePitzer College
 Juliana Hu PeguesAssociate Professor of Literatures in EnglishCornell University
 Virginia Casper Ph.DGraduate Faculty EmeritaBank Street College of Education
 Rachel Greenwald SmithProfessor of EnglishSaint Louis University
 Jenny MannAssociate Professor of English and the Gallatin SchoolNYU
 Barbara W Brandom, MDRetired Professor of AnesthesiologyUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center
 Pamela GilbertAlbert Brick Professor of EnglishUniversity of Florida
 Nick AdmussenAssociate Professor of Chinese Literature and CultureCornell University
 Rachel TheilheimerProfessor EmeritaBorough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
 Nancy Carla PooleExecutive DirectorAtwater Park Center
 Dr. Faith Lamb-ParkerRetired professor, Mailman School of Public HealthColumbia University
 Ralph GhocheAssistant ProfessorBarnard College
 Adrien HortonNational Student Organizing ManagerUniversity of Colorado Boulder
 Molly OrnatiOutreach coordinatorTIAA-Divest
 Nancy Martinretired teacherMontessori Center
 Karen WeissGraduate FacultyBank Street College of Education
 Janet MroczekAssociate Professor, RetiredChicago City Colleges
 Anne DeVriesAST employeeUniversity of Nebraska at Linclon.
 Robin D. G. KelleyDistinguished Professor and the Gary B Nash Endowed Chair in US HistoryUCLA
 Janet PelleyScience writer, retiredself-employed
 David L FreedmanProfessorClemson University
 Nancy Gropperretired facultyBank Street Graduate School ofcEducation
 Irisita Azary, Ph. Dretired professorCalifornia State University, Long Beach
 Michele DominyProfesor of Anthropology & Research ProfesorBard College
 Elizabeth Porebaretired teacherNA
 Eva-Maria SwidlerFacultyCurtis Institute of Music
 Marjorie BrickleyFaculty/AdvisorBank Street College of Education
 Andrea FrankAssociate ProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Marian HowardProfessorBank Street Colllege
 MIchael DineRetired Professor of PhysicsUniversity of California at Santa Cruz
 Luisa CostaRetired FacultyBank Street College of Education
 Kim CohenEmployee RelationsSUNY New Paltz
 Eric GodoyAssistant Prof of PhilosophyIllinois State University
 Dawn McCawSenior Career SpecialistState University of New York at New Paltz
 Robert SchultzRetired professor of Environmental Ethics, a QuakerUniversity of Washington, Bothell
 Jonathan SilinRetired FacultyBank Street College of Education
 Tammy GrayTravel CoordinatorSUNY New Paltz
 Valerie McAllisterAcademic Program SpecialistSUNY New Paltz
 Leonard SwidlerProfessor of TheologyTemple University
 Heather DavisAssistant Professor of Culture and MediaThe New School
 Nelly TournakiProfessorCUNY
 Alison MearsAssociate Professor of ArchitectureThe New School
 Luam MelakeSenior ResearcherThe New School, Parsons School of Design
 Matthew FridayProfessorSUNY New Paltz
 Allison FranzeseAssociate ProfessorHostos Community College
 David McDermott HughesProfessorRutgers University
 Lynn VoskuilAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Houston
 Toby R. BenisProfessor and Department Chair, EnglishSaint Louis University
 Travis RectorProfessorUniversity of Alaska Anchorage
 Catherine MurphyStaff and FacultyThe New School
 Marion Phyllis CunninghamRetiredCUNY
 Elizabeth Grobretired educatorBank Street College
 Benjamin GompertzAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Birmingham, UK
 Lorraine CohenProfessor of Sociology -RetiredLaGuardia Community College
 Dr. Jake TurnerResearch AssociateCornell University
 Molly WallaceAdjunct Assistant Professor, Conflict ResolutionPortland State University
 Lisa PhillipsAssociate Professor, Digital Media and JournalismSUNY New Paltz
 Paul LynchGeorgia K. Johnston Professor of EnglishSaint Louis University
 Joshua WalawenderStaff AstronomerW. M. Keck Observatory
 David ParadisSr. InstructorUniversity of Colorado
 Anna BergCUNY
 Ruth EvansDorothy McBride Orthwein Professor of EnglishSaint Louis University
 Emily YehProfessorUniversity of Colorado Boulder
 Diana SeligAssociate Professor of HistoryClaremont McKenna College
 Callie Clontzgraduate studentUniversity of Utah
 Susan Van DolsenNone
 Mary MullenAssociate ProfessorVillanova
 Phaedra C. PezzulloAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Colorado Boulder
 Emily SteinlightAssociate Professor of EnglishUniversity of Pennsylvania
 Phyllis WeliverProfessor of EnglishSaint Louis University
 Brooke HolmesSusan Dod Brown Professor of ClassicsPrinceton University
 Donna M. GoldsteinProfessor of AnthropologyUniversity of Colorado Boulder
 Mary HollandProfessor of EnglishSUNY New Paltz
 Wendy FleischerConsultantConsultant
 Laura A. HarrisProfessor of Africana Studies and Chair of the Intercollegiate Department of Africana StudiesPitzer College
 Ted PowersAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Iowa
 Laura R. GrahamProfessor of Anthropology; President-elect, Society for the Anthropology of Lowland S. AmericaUniversity of Iowa
 Jennifer RuthProfessorPortland State University
 Cori McKenzieAssistant Professor, Adolescence English EducationSUNY Cortland
 Adam MastropaoloInstructional Support TechnicianSUNY New Paltz
 Jan ClausenWriter and Writing TeacherNew York University
 Anne HeaneyRetireeBank Street Collage
 Bassam FrangiehProfessor of ArabicClaremont McKenna College
 Matt LessigProfessorSUNY Cortland
 Joseph NevinsProfessor of GeographyVassar College
 Henry ReichmanProfessor Emeritus of HistoryCalifornia State University, East Bay
 Craig SlatinProfessor EmeritusUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell
 Emily FridlundAssistant Professor, Department of Literatures in EnglishCornell University
 Joe BryanAssociate Professor, GeographyUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
 Colleen ReidAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Colorado Boulder
 Maura McLaughlinProfessorWest Virginia University
 Miguel CarterDirectorDEMOS – Centro para la Democracia, la Creatividad y la Inclusión Social
 Thomas AngottiProfessor EmeritusHunter College, CUNY
 Mary TaylorAssistant DirectorCity University of New York
 Marc EdelmanProfessor of AnthropologyHunter College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
 Lee Kennedy-ShafferAssistant Professor, Mathematics and StatisticsVassar College
 Elizabeth Hendersonfarmer/writerPeacework CSA
 Rachel YouensAssistant Adjunct ProfessorParsons School of Design, The New School
 Lisa SternliebAssociate ProfessorPenn State University
 Ujju AggarwalAssistant ProfessorThe New School
 Linda FarthingIndependent scholarIndependent
 Lynne EinbenderFacultyBank Street Colly
 Carol MontgomeryProfessor EmeritaLaGuardia Community College
 Farhana SultanaProfessorSyracuse University
 Ujju AggarwalAssistant ProfessorThe New School
 Sigmund ShenProfessor of EnglishLaGuardia Community College / CUNY
 Kiyoko HeinekenBibliographerPrinceton University
 Wendy WolfordPolson Professor of Global DevelopmentCornell University
 Heather FergusonAssociate Professor of HistoryClaremont McKenna College
 Philip McMichaelemeritus professorCornell U
 Tad MutersbaughProfessorUniversity of Kentucky
 Ian BourgAssociate ProfessorPrinceton University
 Buz BarstowAssistant Professor, Biological and Environmental EngineeringCornell University
 Soyoung ParkProgram DirectorBank Street College of Education
 Mary StevensLecturer, CoordinatorSUNY New Paltz
 Anne C BellowsProfessor Dr.Syracuse University
 Jon SutterIndependant Artistnone
 Corey K. CreekmurAssociate ProfessorUniversity of Iowa
 Teresa MangumProfessorUniversity of Iowa
 Alessandro AngeliniAssistant Professor of AnthropologyJohns Hopkins University
 Rebecca TarlauAssociate Professor of EducationPennsylvania State University
 Naveeda KhanAssociate ProfessorJohns Hopkins University
 Colby HarvishResidence Life Assignments CoordinatorSUNY New Paltz
 Danica SavonickAssistant ProfessorSUNY Cortland
 Prasannan ParthasarathiProfessor of South Asian HistoryBoston College
 Ling ZhangAssociate Professor of HistoryBoston College
 Maria de los Angeles PiconeAssistant Professor of HistoryBoston College
 Marina McCoyProfessor of PhilosophyBoston College
 Rhonda FrederickAssociate Professor, English and African & African Diaspora StudiesBoston College
 Marilynn S JohnsonProfessor of HistoryBoston College
 Virginia ReinburgProfessor of HistoryBoston College
 Juliet SchorProfessor of SociologyBoston College
 Charles DerberProfessorBoston College
 Robin FlemingProfessorBoston College
 Eric WeiskottProfessor of EnglishBoston College
 Leonel Lima PonceActing Academic Director, MS in Sustainable Environmental Systems / Visiting Assistant ProfessorPratt Institute
 M. Brinton LykesProfessor, Psychology; Co-director, Center for Human Rights & International JusticeBoston College
 Hilary PalevskyAssistant Professor of Earth and Environmental SciencesBoston College
 Lynne AndersonDirector, English Language LearningBoston College
 Emrah AltindisAssistant ProfessorBoston College
 Minna ImmermanEmeritus FacultyBank Street College of Education

The following organizations have committed their support to this complaint:

SUNY New Paltz Environmental Task Force
The Phoenix Group
Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area
Family Farm Defenders
Friends of the Earth United States
Market Forces