TIAA is the largest retirement provider for US colleges and universities. And they’re wrecking the planet.

TIAA is the largest retirement provider for academic, research, and medical workers in the US today, and most of them are shocked when they learn what TIAA is doing under the guise of responsible investing. Because TIAA proclaims its commitment to the environment and social justice, most don’t realize that their savings are fueling the climate crisis. Nineteen institutions have passed resolutions calling for TIAA to divest from fossil fuels, but the pension giant has continued its greenwashing campaign. Now it has added sportswashing.   

It’s time to tell TIAA to reinvest our money in climate-friendly firms that will speed the transition to renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and healthy environments. Join our campaign to make TIAA clean up their policies, not just their image.

TIAA Facts:

  • TIAA manages 1.3 Trillion (with a T) in assets
  • TIAA’s portfolio includes $78 billion in coal, oil and gas
  • TIAA is the world’s 5th largest owner of coal bonds
  • TIAA is stealing land from Black and Indigenous farmers in the US and around the world.
  • TIAA-owned farms are spraying Black communities with toxic agricultural chemicals

What can you do?